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Bless KyngstonCA

Clean PC Plus

It is easy to use. The navigation interface is simple and very understandable. I am not a tech inclined person but even I understood what each feature was for and what it would do to my computer. The program is also effective and quick. My computer has gone from being very sluggish to the speed that I was used to when I had just bought it a few years ago. Overall, a good user and customer experience.

Chris ElliotAZ

Clean PC Plus

My Windows PC was acting very sluggish recently and this software made my computer a faster than it used to be. Support team were extremely knowledgeable and instructed me with extra steps to speed up my computer.

Jeff BerryAL

Clean PC Plus

After using Clean PC Plus, I was relieved. It had fixed errors. My computer now works faster. I do not have to wait for almost 10 minutes just for me to see my first screen. The so calling booting is way faster now. I am very thankful to Clean PC Plus, I still have not found a job but I know I have something to use when I do. Hooray to you folks! widget logo
Why choose us
  • Get Rid of Unwanted Files & Improve User Experience
    With Clean PC Plus, you get to steer clear of programs and files that cause irrelevant pop-ups, warnings and sudden crashes.
  • Cleaner Computer
    Clean PC Plus instantly increases your computer’s speed by identifying and deleting files that may be fslowing down your computer and internet browser.
  • Powerful Scanner that Identifies Every Faulty File
    Clean PC Plus comes with a powerful scanning engineer that finds, repairs or deletes files that might be causing your system to slow down.
One-click download, one-click setup and you're ready to run a free diagnosis within minutes.
You get to run a FREE diagnosis, to find tracking records, with the click of a button.
Activate Clean PC Plus for just $19.99 to repair, remove, and speed up your computer within seconds.
Make My Windows 10 More Robust

Clean PC Plus’s powerful scanning tool is specially made for Windows and it helps speed up and eliminate issues that are causing the system to slow down.

Speed Up Windows PC's

Whether you have Windows 8 or Windows 10, Clean PC Plus is specially created for all types of Windows. Meaning with us by your side, you will have a tool that not only speeds up your windows but will also offer customized care for your computer.

Clean My PC

PCs are meant to be used as much as you want. But with this repeated usage, certain programs and files can clog up your system and slow it down. CleanPC Plus eliminates this clogging by either repairing or deleting these files. As a result, you get a PC that’s as good as new.

Speed Up My PC

Worried about a slow computer? With Clean PC Plus, you will get access to live support all the time. And the best part? You will only need to follow simple steps to diagnose and remove files and records that might be slowing down your computer and browsers.

It Only Takes Three Simple Steps to Get Started


Free scanning and cleaning is limited, payment needed to get full version